Ground handling services: what’s included?

FBO Ecuador bajo certificación de la Federal Aviation Administration
6 June, 2017

Hiring a company that provides ground handling services (FBO) is very important when you want to carry out an air operation efficiently and safely, especially if it is the first time you enter a new territory. Therefore, it is essential to know what these providers have to offer.

In this article we will explore what services are usually offered by our company for private and commercial aviation. Moreover, you’ll learn why it is important to have a certified and experienced company in this aerial activity.

What is ground handling

Is a fundamental part of the aviation industry. It refers to the services provided on the ground to ensure the efficiency and safety of air operations at each airport. Ground handling covers a wide range of activities and services provided before, during and after flights.

Ground handling services are so important for an effective air operation that they are performed following strict safety and efficiency procedures to ensure that aircraft are prepared for takeoff and landing in a timely manner. That is why it is key that you hire a ground handling service provider with years of experience and an excellent reputation, such as VIP JETS NET.

Services offered

These are the essential ground handling services that every supplier company should be able to count on.

Passenger and crew service

We facilitate the comfortable and fast management of the departure or arrival to each of the travelers. We also provide transportation, accommodation and other services required to guarantee the safety of each of our clients. 

In addition, we have facilities equipped with VIP lounges in the main airports. Our team will assist you by facilitating the logistics in each of the processes required within the different phases of the flight. 

Our services are focused on providing a pleasant, personalized and seamless experience for passengers and crew.

Ramp services

One of the most important ground handling services is marshaling. We guide pilots and their aircraft to the correct position after landing or to the active runway, prior to take-off. 

We also provide catering services: coordinating and supplying personalized on-board services, both for passengers and the aircraft crew

Ground handling services: Maintenance

As part of ground handling services, our company, through our aircraft maintenance personnel, offers visual inspections to detect possible damage or problems that may require attention. 

Inspections typically include checking external components, such as the general condition of the aircraft, checking for visible damage and cleaning the aircraft. They can also perform basic inspections of the interior of the aircraft to verify the order and condition of the systems.

Fuel supply

Fuel supply is an essential part of ground handling services. This includes the correct storage of fuel, testing and purity sampling, as well as the safe refueling of each aircraft

Our ground handling services

At FBO VIP JETS NET, in addition to logistics and air safety, we take care of landing or overflight authorizations, updated weather reports, NOTAMS, ATC, EAPIS, route analysis and all the information that complements a safe and reliable operation.

Check our services here and get ready to fly with us at the highest level.

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